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Artisan’s Craft


Examples of the care we take in our work are evident upon visit to our workshop. We are able to do many things most people don’t often see when they are selecting the slab to be used for their project.

Many of you may own fine quality wood furniture where the veneers have been carefully cut and matched to create beautiful and intricate patterns and details on the surface. But what most people are not aware of is that this can also occur with stone.

To accomplish this task requires an experienced eye. You must be able to envision how to cut the slab carefully and with precision so that the patterns meet where joints occur. Lawrence and our Production Manager are possessed with the gift of being able to see the movement of pattern in the slab and cut it accordingly so that patterns come together beautifully.

Often, our clients will request complicated edge details that requires careful handling of a slab. Slabs can be mitered or laminated at the edges so everything must line up perfectly. When there are cutouts, the sides of the stone become quite fragile so our fabricators must pay attention to their work to ensure the slab does not crack or break.

We have created beautiful feature walls out of precious stone slabs. We have also provided lighting between opaque slabs to create an ambiance of warmth in the stone. It is inspiring to be able to create beauty from beauty and we’re proud to say that we are often selected because of our ability to design and fabricate difficult and creative work.


Custom Design

We consider every project a custom design because all installations of stone are unique. We are excited to work with our clients to make their ideas a reality in their space. Bring us a list of what you envision and if it can be done, we will gladly make it happen for you!


Our Process

Each project that comes to our workshop is touched by all of our Fine Lines Team. Our project information is maintained with precision by our customized scheduling and production software.

When we receive a request for quotation or participate in a tender process, our front office staff work on client estimates and return them for approval. Should your project require design consultation, we are able to work with clients individually to create a custom package that works best for their desired result and budget.

With countertop projects and when the cabinets have been installed, our Owners personally attend and complete all laser templating to be sure the intricacies of each project are calculated and recorded. This work is returned to our C & C Programmer/Shop Manager to create the drawings needed to laser cut the stone after the slab is cut into larger segments for processing by our Production Manager. It is in this step where we can create exact book matching and pattern work for surfaces and mitred corners. This requires great skill and a trained eye. The C & C Machine completes all cutouts for cooktops and sinks.

Our Fabricators take the slabs from the precision cutting machine and create the custom edge details that are dictated by the client. Everything is polished to perfection and loaded onto our installation trucks to be taken to the job site. Our Installation Crew is fully equipped to complete each project to perfection.

Upon completion, our Office Manager completes the invoicing process and our Accounts Manager checks in to be sure everything is completed to your satisfaction. We’ve streamlined it to be sure we don’t miss a single step in satisfying our clients and meeting our installation time lines.

Everything we do is with your satisfaction in mind.